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Here is a list of articles and exhibitions I've been interviewed for or been a part of. Please contact me for interview inquiries or exhibition requests. Thank you.

Artist On Ice
Mikayla Haynes

Michigan Ice Festival
February 7-11, 2024
Munising, MI


Art and adventure are inseparable parts of the human experience that help us define who we are.  Many consider the performance of climbing as an art form in itself, so it only seems natural to bring a climbing artists to Ice Fest highlighting our new program Artist on Ice.  Look for a gallery showing, morning coffee talk, live art, and other workshops!

2024 Artist: Mikayla Haynes

Mikayla is a self- taught artist and climber from Duluth, MN. The inspiration for her artwork comes from the adventures she’s experienced, often right out her front door.  After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in biology, she felt pulled to draw attention to the natural world and its many wonders, while also indulging in her need to create art. All of this combined with her passion for climbing and outdoor adventures led to expression through paintbrush on canvas. Painting is as much a part of her life as any other outdoor pursuit. Climbing can take one to wild, unique places with magnificent views – with this in mind, Mikayla aims to convey the perspective and scale often experienced on rock or ice, while also acknowledging tiny details such as the texture of different ice or lichen on rocks.

Residing in Northern Minnesota, there is no shortage of natural inspiration. Through her adventure-inspired artwork, Mikayla hopes to spark a sense of familiarity and connection to nature with those who view her art.

Community Artist Spotlight
Mikayla Haynes

Duluth Art Institute
February 20, 2022
Duluth, MN

"By this point in the season, it may be difficult to see the beauty of winter. Artist Mikayla Haynes may be able to help with that!

Growing up in Duluth, Haynes immersed herself in every outdoor opportunity the Northshore offered her. Through art, Haynes communicates this passion. Each painting encapsulates a moment from a frozen winter adventure—from ice climbing on the Devil Track River north of Grand Marais, to dog sledding across an icy bog on a brisk Minnesota day. Haynes’ body of work was most recently up at Dovetail in a display called “Waking Winter,” a collection of work that reclaimed perceptions of winter. Haynes wanted to share her fondness for the season and the unique beauty that exists within.

Haynes did not see herself becoming an artist when she was young. She enjoyed art and casually practiced, sometimes picking up tips and tricks from her artist father. It was not until 2016 that Haynes started to feel the pull to paint more. She started receiving commissions from friends and eventually started creating more personal work, painting photos from her adventures. She painted the moments that most took her breath away. Each painting experience allows Haynes to re-enter that memory, reliving the exhilaration and sense of adventure.

As a self-taught artist, Haynes pursued painting through lots of trial, error, and patience. Learning to paint certain winter features, like ice, was particularly challenging. Using painting to express her outdoor escapades leaves Haynes feeling more connected to her winter practices. Haynes captures places and experiences that are not going to last forever. Her art holds onto that place, trying to preserve it in its pristine state.

Now having her first show under her belt, Haynes is excited to continue exploring her art practice and connecting to the community of artists in Duluth. Follow Haynes' adventures on and off the canvas for a reminder that February is more than just a countdown to spring!"

Waking Winter
reclaiming winter perceptions through paintings and drawings
Duluth Folk School
November 2021-January
Duluth, MN

The show Waking Winter was initiated as a means to bring audiences on a journey to the outdoor spaces that are transformed into magnificent icy snowscapes in the winter months. The season is often interpreted as a period of darkness and bitter cold in contrast to the enjoyment of nature that can be found during summer months.

The images in this gallery highlight a few of many opportunities to witness winter through a lens of gratitude, whether that’s through soaking up a striking sunset or pursuing an exhilarating winter sport. We hope that through our artwork, we can reinterpret winter’s narrative and spark curiosity in our audience - inspiring folks to layer up and discover their own version of a winter wonderland.

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